*Free pick-up and delivery is currently offered to residential customers who reside in the Charlotte, North Carolina metro area. Please call 704-975-2444 for information on pick-up and delivery in your precise area. Pricing for residential pick-up and delivery customers generally will follow the Service By Mail pricing listed, but may vary slightly. A minimum sales amount may apply for pick-up and delivery customers.

Please call for this information. Loaner knives are kitchen cutlery only. Type and amount of loaner knives are subject to availability. All loaner knives must be returned upon delivery of your knives/cutting tools. Payment is due upon delivery. After sharpening your knives/cutting tools, we wipe them with a scratch resistant cloth to remove any sharpening residue, metal fragments and oil. We suggest, however, that you CAREFULLY hand wash them before using them.

When your knives/cutting tools are returned they will be VERY SHARP, often much sharper than when new. PLEASE HANDLE THEM WITH CARE. SHARPER than SHARP is not responsible for any cuts or injuries that may incur while using your knives/cutting tools after sharpening; or from our loaner knives.